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Villa Marilor Hotel - gastronomy

Kosciuszki 18, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland
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Restaurant and café

Villa Marilor Hotel recommends a stylish restaurant and a cozy café with a drink-bar. The restaurant section awaits the Guests offering:

  • professional waiter service
  • exceptional dishes of Polish and European cuisine
  • elegant interior
  • homelike atmosphere, peace and quiet
Villa Marilor Hotel - Restaurant

We organize:

  • elegant wedding parties
  • romantic dinners at candlelight
  • private family occasions
  • luxurious banquets
  • business meetings and negotiations
  • conference service
  • barbeque in the garden
  • special events


Located in the cellar, with pleasant interior and relatively small number of places, it offers an unusual intimate climate. Cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place for evening meetings over a glass of wine.

The café recommends: desserts and cakes, cold and hot drinks, unusual drinks, not only alcoholic ones and a wide selection of wines all over the world.


The gazebo is the place where we invite to:

  • barbecue parties
  • roasted piglet or leg of lamb
  • folklore evenings with highlander music
  • banquets with folklore show (e.g. a highlander band, competitions, dance shows, sports competitions)
Villa Marilor Hotel - Grill

From spring to autumn we invite you to a garden at the café entrance.

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