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Spa Hotel Palace ***
Novy Smokovec, High Tatras

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Hotel Palace is a part of the Novy Smokovec Spa resort in the High Tatras. The resort is located 1010 meters above sea level, and lies at the south foothills of the Tatra mountains.

Hotel Palace provides accommodation in single and double rooms and apartments. Total capacity of the hotel is 75 rooms and 2 apartments.

Room amenities:
Rooms feature a bathroom and toilet, and are equipped with a TV SAT and radio.

Treatment in Novy Smokovec Spa is indicated in various cases:

  • Respiratory ailments and insufficiency
  • Alergies
  • Post-operation recuperation
  • Metabolism disorders
  • Light neuroses
  • "Burn out" syndrome treatment


  • Gas injections - for degenerative arthrosis or joint diseases
  • Oxygenotherapy
  • Peat wrapping
  • Solux - infra-red light therapy
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Shortwave diathermy - high frequency treatment used as a muscle relaxing treatment
  • Diadynamic treatment - a low-frequency treatment used against swelling of muscles and joints, with an analgetic effect etc.
  • Classical massage using different oils and lotions with various effects (heating, cooling, analgetic etc.)
  • Carbon gas baths - has positive effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system and blood coagulation.

Except the afforementioned procedures, what heals most is the wonderful fresh alpine air,

Reservation request via BOOKING.COM

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Spa Novy Smokovec - Hotel Palace
Spa Novy Smokovec - Hotel Palace
Spa Novy Smokovec - Hotel Palace
Spa Novy Smokovec - Hotel Palace